I’m a 52 year-old southern  black  female.  I’m  a little nuts, but I’m not dangerous–yet. I’m also a poet and because I have to eat, I have a real world job as a lawyer.


3 responses to “About

  1. Sheria,

    I regret that you found my post to be offensive. It was not my intention. I did, in fact, read your post, and did not have a particular comment on it. I was happy to let it speak for itself.

    The wonderful thing about the blogosphere is that it is indeed big enough to contain opinions on all sides of the spectrum. I welcome you leave a link to your blog on my site at any time.

    I encourage all readers to read as much as possible on any topic from as many different sources as possible. It is healthy and in the best interest of all.

    Kindest regards and best wishes on your blog,

  2. Sheria
    One the most profound sentiments I ever heard about American culture came from a crazy public defender. He said giving the weak and defenseless the benefit of the doubt says more about us than it does about them. For such a simple thought it has a powerful impact. It has helped me take a more balanced approach in dealing with people. This crazy lawyer made me think.

  3. Amanda S. Zubiate

    Current Howard Law Student seeking information on the Southern Belle. Please contact me so that I may discuss utilizing one of your posting. Thank you.

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