An American Family

I just read today’s headline about Palin’s 17-year-old daughter being 5 months pregnant. I feel for the daughter; it must be awful to be in this kind of spotlight. However, I do wonder how concerned Palin is with protecting her family. She had to have know that in accepting the nomination, a big spotlight was going to be shone on her family. There was no way that her daughter’s pregnancy was going to remain private. Already, the conservative right is blaming the media, the Obama campaign, and anyone who dares express an opinion for exposing this young woman to such public scrutiny. Funny, but no one is blaming Big Mama Palin who put her political ambitions before the needs of her daughter.

I can’t help but see a certain irony in today’s headlines about Palin’s pregnant daughter. Her party has appropriated the term “family values” as being exclusively theirs. Her party affirms that it is pro-life, but rarely supports any increases in public benefits, even though most of the recipients of those benefits are single mothers and the benefits help them feed, clothe, house, and provide access to medical care for their children. I have problems with policy that is more concerned with the unborn than it is with the children already among us.

I read that Palin’s daughter will be marrying the father of her child. I can only hope that this is what she really desires. After all, her mother is going after her heart’s desire. She accepted the vice presidential nomination, thrusting not only herself but her entire family into the national and international spotlight. From my vague recollections of what it was like to be 17, I wonder if her daughter really wanted to have her moment in the spotlight. I wonder if Palin’s devotion to family values made her pause for a moment and think about her daughter’s feelings about having her life become open to inspection and criticism. I wonder if it ever crossed her mind, when John McCain asked, to say no.


9 responses to “An American Family

  1. goodtimepolitics

    Should Obama had known that running for president that it was going to get out about him letting his your daugthers sit and listen to Jeremiah Wright say “God damn America”?
    I guess Obama isn’t protecting his children from the likes of Wright and his wife is out campaigning on the trail where as Palin’s family is not! Its a shame for you people to attack a 17 year old! Most of the unwed mothers are black by records!

  2. Dear Mr. Goodtime,
    I moderate my comments to avoid being overwhelmed with spam, so I could have blocked your comment, but I didn’t want to hurt your feelings.

    I believe in civility, so I’ll keep this civil. Did you actually read my post or think that you knew what it said without actually reading it? I didn’t attack Palin’s daughter. I expressed my sympathy for her. I think that it is very hard to only be 17 and have your private life thrust into the public spotlight. I did question why her mother would expose her 17 year old daughter to the public spotlight. Gov. Palin knew her teenage daughter was pregnant and she surely knows that the public can be cruel.

    Either you jumped to conclusions or your reading skills are really poor. One thing that I’m certain of is that you are afraid. Only people who are afraid of something jump to conclusions and direct racist comments to total strangers. I pity you and I’ll pray for you. Don’t worry, I know that you don’t want me to but God does.

  3. goodtimepolitics

    You said Sheria “However, I do wonder how concerned Palin is with protecting her family.”

    Let me get this straight! You’re trying to say that Palin does not protect her children because she running for VP! Now you need to get something straight…Obama your King and all other politicians are doing the same thing you’re accuse Gov. Palin of doing so tell me does Obama protect his children? I guess from what you’re saying only single people should be politicians!
    Palin running for VP does not give the democrat Obama supporters the right to attack a 17 year old! This 17 year old is not campaigning for her mother like Hillary Clinton’s daugther did. So does Hillary Clinton protect her children?

  4. I feel a bit awkward defending Palin. I am not sold on her yet and may never be but not because of her family problems. But in this case I have to take her side. If you are a good anything, you almost always subordinate your own will to your leadership when asked. It happens everyday. Maybe that is why I am not a good anything especially a Republican or Democrat. But I prefer to work within the bounds of authenticity and truth as I can best discover it. It is unfair to blame Palin for responding when her party says they need her. Just as I don’t blame Biden for accepting when he said a year ago that he thought VP was a looser job. You do what you are asked if you honestly believe in the cause.

  5. I’ve always wondered how the “Right to Life” folks dealt with a child’s right to a life. Requiring people to give birth and then doing nothing (or at least very little) to support the child and insuring she/he has some chance at a life, just seems wrong. As does the R. to L. stance on pregnancy prevention.

    Can’t say I like Palin or what she represents, but she does fit in well with most of the folks in my community. Having a pregnant, unmarried, teenage daughter just makes her more like one of the community here.

  6. Alan’s comments above are disingenuous, misleading and are not an accurate observation of the way Right to Life advocates live. I think he knows that. It is a childish comment. RTF adherents do not abandon new-born babies or other children – liberals do. In fact liberals abandon them before they are born by about two million per year in our culture. It is called abortion.

  7. RTF is a typo. It should be RTL. Sorry.

  8. Yet public policy as put forth by politicians supported by RTL people consistently leave children in marginal situations with no real public support. Go try to live on WIC and the like for a while if you think I am wrong, or try to get out of the system. The system as it is, supported by the radical right keeps people trapped and give children who end up there no hope for a future life.

  9. Alan you could not be more wrong. I spent 25 years working with this population as a case manager and know better. People get locked into the failed welfare state because they think they can’t do better. They hear so much about being a victim from the Democrats that they learn to live like one. Remember Alan, thinking drives behavior. If you think like a victim and believe you have no hope then despair is the result.

    Poverty has its own psychology. It is different from people who think in success oriented terms. Ask any successful minority business owner. Ask any minority person who has been successful in any endeavor. That is the norm. But Democrats take the exceptions to what I said above and claim they are the norm. That, my friend, is the big lie. People need hope to move out of poverty. They need a good education and encouragement to keep at it. If those in the poverty lifestyle consistently disabuse kids of their idealism then they will never learn to do it by themselves. The only person in charge of us is us. We can’t push our lack of success on someone else and that includes a way out for unwanted pregnancies. We kind of got off track in the birth control thing, but suffice it to say personal accountability in who someone associates with will have a huge impact on when they engage in inappropaite sexual behavior out side of marriage. There is more to that story too.

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