Touched By The Sun

It all began because I couldn’t decide what I wanted to write about today. Ever since I became obsessed with being menopausal, I can’t bring myself to deal with the current state of world affairs. I haven’t found it listed any where but I think that self-centeredness must be a symptom of menopause.

So, I read a few blogs, but didn’t bother to comment because that would have taken effort on my part and I’m being very lazy today. I got to my friend Marc’s blog, and suddenly I was inspired. Marc has been creating some unique works of art that he labels Hy-Art, for some time, and I think that they are pretty special. I’ve mentioned them here before and I know that some of you have checked out his work. Recently, he generated a new web site where he sells sets of his Hy-Art as note cards. I have two sets, one that I purchased and one that he generously sent me as a gift. They are lovely and if I can bear to part with them, are actually quite practical for sending all sorts of notes or giving a set as a gift.

I think that another symptom of being in the throes of menopause is obsession. Today I became obsessed with Marc’s Hy-Art note cards and decided to surprise him by making the following video. The images are from Marc’s Hy-Art collection. All of the images aren’t currently available on cards; I just selected some of my favorites for the video. The song, by Carly Simon, is called Touched By The Sun. It appeals to me on so many levels and seemed a fitting accompaniment for Marc’s artistic expressions.


One response to “Touched By The Sun

  1. what a nice job on this promo vid. wow, what a very thoughtful thing to do. i think he should take some of the graphics and put them on a nylon shirt, but somehow asymetrical. i think they would be amazing.

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