Birthdays and Kissing Toads

When I posted my birthday thank you yesterday, I was in a hurry to get to an event in my county for the Obama for President campaign. I got there on time and was delighted that there was a really good turn out of over 300 people. Other meetings are scheduled across North Carolina as the date for our state primaries, May 6, rapidly approaches.

Due to my rushed state, I was unable to post the lovely birthday Hy-Art that Marc sent me which inspired me to hum Helen Reddy’s Angie Baby all day, and inspired me to post the weirdly erotic video in yesterday’s post. Okay, so you didn’t see it as erotic and you just think that I’m weird. I can live with that, especially as Beth left a lovely comment in Marc’s journal avowing that I am just plain cool.

As those of you who have followed my blog know, on occasion I’ve written about my forays into the world of online dating. For the most part it has brought to mind the country hit, Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places. Nonetheless, I persevere, knowing that certainly I’ve kissed enough frogs and that odds are that I’ll find a prince if I just keep working at it. Marc, always thoughtful, sent me an inspirational image for my birthday, to encourage me in my search for true love. I added the caption at the top.

As some of you know, I am a poet and I rummaged through my poetry to find a poem that I wrote some years ago. I was reminded of the poem below when I started thinking about kissing frogs.

A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time,
we played under hot yellow sun,
princess and lady-in-waiting,
searching far horizons for knights in armor,
knights with stalwart hearts and sturdy swords
to rescue princesses from vengeful dragons.

We moved on
from knights to princes
with surreal kisses to waken princesses from dreamless sleep
or with glass slippers to fit the feet,
and rescue princesses from dreaded drudgery.

And still we moved on,
to grown-up lovers
with warm, wet kisses amid tangled sheets,
whispered lies to soothe the heart and soul.

We moved on to where the magic goes
and a toad
no matter how sweetly kissed,
still remains a toad.


One response to “Birthdays and Kissing Toads

  1. Nice post and a beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing.

    Another thought would be to use different approach to online dating. A lot of women prefer phone conversations rather than lengthy emails or text chats.

    A good site that allows you to talk to people on the phone without revealing your number is which is free (better than , lets you set time window when you are available, search by interests and usernames, and it’s more personal.

    It will help you figure out a toad from a prince quickly šŸ™‚

    – Jennifer.

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