I Can’t Simply Let It Pass

“mikeova 02:37:38 PM Mar 13 2008
And you left wing jerks wonder why there is hatred for these B sons of a Bitches. There will be a revoution one day!”

Dear Bigot:

I guess that I’m what you would consider a left wing jerk; however, I don’t wonder why there is anger and hatred towards these men. People who murder people generally do not inspire love; hate is a pretty normal reaction to the perpetrators of these vicious crimes. What I wonder is what the actions of these individuals have to do with their skin color?

So much of the commentary on the AOL News stories, regardless of the subject matter of the story, always includes multiple comments about how stupid, evil, vicious, worthless, etc. black people are. I wonder what level of insecurity and anger exists in the hearts of so many people that they are quick to assert that an entire race of people are responsible for the crimes of individuals who happen to belong to that group. I wonder is this belief coming from a soul filled with hate or just plain ignorance. I wonder if you really believe that all white people are intelligent, kind, loving, and only do good things.

Maybe I’m just a left wing jerk, but it never crossed my mind to conclude that all white men are incapable of being faithful to their wives because Spitzer, Clinton, Gingrich, Larry Craig, and others were unable to keep their pants zipped. I’ve never concluded that all white people are power hungry conquerors based on the tendency of the European explorers to subdue and often eradicate the native cultures in the lands that they “discovered” in the Americas. Although I do confess to being puzzled as to how you discover a land that is already inhabited. It’s as if someone came into the neighborhood where I live and pronounced that it had been discovered because he was new to the area.

I know that the people who celebrate their marriage of ignorance and bigotry, won’t get my point at all. They will continue to find any excuse to shout about the awful things that black people do and how Sharpton and Jackson fan the fires of so-called black racism. They will continue to insist that the liberal left aids and abets blacks in walking all over the rights of white people.

I have a suggestion for you. Due to generations of miscegenation, many people who identify themselves as black appear to be white based on external physical characteristics. If you are really convinced that black people get over in America, that there are unfair advantages to being black, that black racism is a powerful force that threatens the white race, why don’t you get your slice of the pie and start telling everyone that you are black?


Left Wing Jerk Liberal Feminist Black Woman


One response to “I Can’t Simply Let It Pass

  1. Of course you’re dead on, of course it won’t make a dent. These are people brought up to fear, and arguing with a racist is like arguing with a fundamentalist. They aren’t interested in rational arguments, they reject the idea of rationality because they can’t bear to challenge the explanations, however illogical, they have created to deal with a personal world in which pain and frustration are their dominant emotions.
    When it comes to the fundies and the gayhaters and the racists, I think the only thing that makes sense is showing as much love as possible–to their children. Kids who make friends with an actual black person, or see how harmless the gay couple across the street or on TV actually is—there is hope for them. For their parents, I just want laws to protect me from them, but the change we hope from them must come from within. Nothing I can say will penetrate. They need 5 years of intensive therapy and completely different childhoods, not to mention 4 years of liberal arts education and a gay sibling. That is beyond my control to give them. It’s all I can do not to bitchslap them while screaming at the top of my lungs, or even taking advantage of my 2nd amendment rights to shut them up permanently. THIS is really the chance to ask, WWJD, not WWMD.

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