My Album Cover

I copied this creative meme from Marc. Of course, the last time I did a meme that Marc precipitated, some people thought that I had changed my name to Lurleen and moved to Qatar. So let me make it perfectly clear–I have not recorded an album; although, I wouldn’t mind doing so. I do most of my singing in the shower. However, the instructions for the meme are:

1. The first article title on the Wikipedia Random Articles page is the name of your band. (Click on “Random Articles” in the left column)

2. The last four words of the very last quotation on the Random Quotations page is the title of your album. Just click on the link that reads, “random quotes.”

3. Any appropriate picture in Flickr’s Creative Commons licensed photos will be your album cover.

4. Use your graphics program of choice to throw them together, and post the result. C’mon budding cover art designers – give it a try!

I went to Wikipedia and selected “Random Articles” and the article that popped up was entitled Lola. I’m not kidding; it was the one that popped up. In this case, Lola references the title of a 1961 French film starring Anouk Aimee as the title character. So the name of my band is LOLA.

On the “Random Quotations” page, I picked up the last four words of a quote by George Bernard Shaw, “only wasted my time.”

The photos I got at Flickr and played around with them until I got the effect that I wanted.

I also decided that the album contained a song with the same title as the album, so I wrote a few lyrics for it. Yeah, I know, I get carried away, but blame it on Marc; he’s quite inspirational. Besides, he wrote lyrics for our blogami Paul’s album.

Only Wasted My Time
I was a fool to want you,
Such a fool to care,
What you did to my heart was a crime.
A wiser woman
Would have known,
Recognized the signs,
Loving you, only wasted my time.

Oh yeah, here’s the album cover.


3 responses to “My Album Cover

  1. Lola, you have no idea how long I’ve followed your career. I’ve seen you at the Palladium, The Olympia, The Roxy, The Foxy and The Boxy–yes even The Boxy, back in your swinging “mod” London days. I especially love your Spanish album: Muder de Roja–that single “Sin Verguenza” (“Without Shame” for all you ignorati) I played at my wedding to my lover, Pablo. (We were one of the first couples married in Spain and one of the first divorced–but that’s another historia)
    Anyway, I’m so excited at the new album, and will follow you to any signing. I promised my friend Lurleen in Qatar a copy—she’s your #2 fan!

  2. Oh my God! Lola, You’re my ABSOLUTELY FAVOURITE artist! I LOOOVE all your music! I’ve got every album, including the rare green vinyl pressing of the Danish version of your Spanish album. What I adore about your songs is the lyrics. The beautiful words in your new single “Only Wasted My Time” really helped me through a recent difficult time thinking about the end of my last relationship. Please keep writing such great songs. Forget what that other guy said, I’M your #1 fan!

  3. Is “Ritaville” on this album? and a swan song to a lover I see. Great cover.

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