Briefly While Drying

This is really difficult because I have a tendency to be rather verbose, but I don’t have time tonight because I have to get the laundry out of the dryer in 15 minutes. If you let it stop and sit, then you have to iron stuff. I don’t have a working iron. I keep the old one for nostalgia purposes; I don’t believe in ironing.

I just read today’s newspaper and New Hampshire has joined the list of states that have legalized civil unions for all of its citizens, regardless of whom you choose to union with, which I think is a good thing. I don’t approve of the change in the law because I have gay friends, (although I do), or because I think that marriage is the apple pie of all relationships, (I don’t), but because I find it abhorrent that we continue to have legalized discrimination any where in this country. New Hampshire joins Connecticut, New Jersey, and Vermont in recognizing civil unions; only Massachusetts actual allows marriage regardless of the sexual orientation of the partners.

I have never had one person who is apoplectic over the prospect of gay people marrying one another give me a coherent explanation of how same gender marriages destroy the institution of marriage. I figure that if the institution of marriage can survive adultery, spousal abuse, and an ever increasing divorce rate, it ought to be able to withstand a public commitment between two people who want to share their lives out of love.

So I am pleased that the state legislature of New Hampshire has realized that arbitrary discrimination against its community members is immoral and illegal. If  only the rest of this ass backward country could just catch up.

By the way, please don’t leave me comments about God and homosexuality. I’ve read the bible and I have my own favorite verses: Judge not lest ye be judged; Vengeance is mine saith the Lord; Love thy neighbor as you  love thyself; Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. I’m fond of the King James version; I like the language.

This poppycock nonsense that passes for religious objections to homosexuality is merely judgment based on prurient sensibilities. I am continually amazed at how much time straight people spend speculating as to what gay people do in the bedroom. 

Buzzer just went off and I have to grab those clothes, now!


4 responses to “Briefly While Drying

  1. Hooray for New Hampshire!

    I do believe it’s inevitable that eventually there will be universal equality between gay and straight relationships, particularly in a country such as the U.S. in which concepts such as freedom and repect for the rights of individuals are so fundamental. Whether that be civil partnerships of marriage remains to be seen but I suspect the former will be a staging point for the latter.

    I’ve also never heard from any “it’ll destroy the institution of marriage” people exactly how extending the availability to the whole of society and increasing the number of marrried couples would destroy the institution. Seems to me that allowing gay marriage would bolster rather than destroy it. What they really mean is that doing so would alter what marriage means to them. But marriage as an institution has already profoundly changed. Who today defines marriage as the arranged alignment of families, sealed under God, by passing possession of the bride from the father to the groom? That’s a far more “traditional” marriage than a ceremony in the gardens, conducted by a celebrant, between two independent people in love.

    (Also, I’m with you. Life’s too short to iron.)

  2. Oh please, everyone knows that when the lesbians down the street tie the knot that their cats start hanging out with your cats, who then go back home and spread homosexuality to the children of the house. Oh can I prove it? No, but can you prove that doesn’t happen? Hunh? Hunh?
    Actually, wouldn’t it be funny if some errant husband who can’t stand to look at his wife for one more second trots that out as a reason for asking for a divorce? “Bruce and Sean across the street got hitched and ever since our marriage has been getting weaker.” I tell you, the only way to deal with these bozos is to take their arguments so literally that the resulting scenarios can only cause even them to laugh with its ridiculousness.

  3. MArc–You have a divine gift for cracking me up! I particularly love the husband using Bruce and Sean’s nuptials as an excuse for breaking up his marriage.

    Paul–You have succinctly summed it up, marriage as an institution has definitely changed as the roles of men and women have undergone change. I really do see it as a matter of human rights.

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